Restaurant Avenue, in Clermont-Ferrand, offers refined cuisine with Mediterranean influences

Right in the city center, just next to Place de la Victoire, in the small rue Massillon, welcome… to Avenue! Something to laugh about. But this name refers to the restaurants where the chef worked, “always in the biggest avenues, like in Montreal, Chicago…”.Inside there is a cosy, sober atmosphere, “to please”. But there are also very personal notes, such as a painting by Kristèle’s grandmother or a pastry book by Julien’s great-grandfather.


Julien Montagne, in the kitchen, and Kristèle Grosrenaud, in the dining room, have been running this restaurant for eleven years. He, the descendant of three generations of confectioners, has lived through several houses and traveled extensively. In particular, he lived in Greece for a few years, spent some seasons in Mallorca, which greatly influenced his cuisine. Kristèle, for her part, discovered the hospitality industry with Avenue. And she has been passionate about wines ever since.

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“What characterizes us? The perfect preparation of fish”. At Avenue, you inevitably have a seafood product, not to mention octopus, that the chef is not allowed to remove from the menu. His travels have given his menu a Mediterranean twist, with a good use of herbs.Fresh products, if possible local, in collaboration with chocolatier Mathieu Arthaud, with Radix for the organic scented plants… This eventually produces grilled halloumi, watermelon, balsamic cream and piquillo coulis. But also grilled ham and salsa with olives, smoked herbs, crispy polenta. And finally a rice pudding with coconut, vanilla and strawberry salad.

Our favorite dish: what comes from the sea

Octopus, the chef’s specialty, was on the menu when we came. Combined with shrimp, crushed tomatoes and mashed potatoes in very thick olive oil. A perfect balance.

And because good blood can’t lie, we loved the desserts. Like this pineapple carpaccio, simple yet so effective when served with a saffron syrup and accompanied by coconut shavings and an ice cream.

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What do we drink?

We trust Kristèle because it is her domain. And all the wines in the cellar are his favorites. “There’s nothing here that we haven’t tasted!” First of all, I have to like it. It is as much Burgundy as white wine from the south of France. It is according to his discoveries, the meetings with the winegrowers…

The address

Avenue, 10 rue Massillon, in Clermont-Ferrand. Open Tuesday to Friday, afternoons and evenings and Saturday evenings. Such an.


Lunch formula at €18. Evening menu: €8 to €11 for starters, €21 for main courses, €7 to €10 for desserts. Restaurant vouchers are accepted.

Text: Marion Chavot
Photos: Richard Brunel

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