The correspondents’ kitchen: Brigitte’s salmon pie in Saint-Martin-de-Villereglan

They provide information about life in their village all year round. Today they deliver their favorite recipe.

The town hall of Saint-Martin-de-Villereglan is a bit like Brigitte Guiraud’s second home. She, who spent her childhood in the village, has actually spent her entire career there since 1980, as a town clerk.

If she quickly found a job, she quickly married and had her two children, Cécile and Julien, very young. A happy grandmother today, she has all the energy and happiness to take her two grandchildren to look for mushrooms, wild asparagus or even crab fishing in Saint-Pierre-la-Mer, where she has a foothold. During the interview, an ant runs across the desk and Brigitte hurries to carefully put it back outside. Except for flies and mosquitoes that I don’t like, I don’t kill animals. My father often took me hunting and I often asked him not to kill a rabbit or other animal. I had fun with the dogs and my father grumbled a bit saying they were used for hunting, not playing with.

In St-Martin, Brigitte knows all the inhabitants and all the inhabitants know her. Sometimes I wish I could hide and be anonymous Aware of everything, she was the perfect candidate to become a local correspondent for L’Indépendant and has been a regular writer for over ten years. If she starts to save a little, she has been to all the events in the village for a long time and is very involved in local associations. There was the Authentiques from 1997 to 2004, where I participated in the organization. There were craft fairs, dog fairs, toro pool, herds, bandas, a concert of hunting horn players…and then it was party time † There was also the Ronde de Malepère, a rotating festival in the villages around our wines in the principle of Toques et Clochers. I was also in the Brotherhood of Malepère, where we would meet the other brotherhoods of terroirs in a red velvet dress, hat and our huge super heavy medal.

Since adolescence, the Limouxine does not miss its carnival. And when she stops playing the Goudil too much to chase passersby, Brigitte still keeps the gun for the music with the Réménils and Monté Cristo. “I still like it so much, especially the first outing with the Meuniers at the beginning of Carnival…”.

When the kids were young, the family made a few trips to Europe, and while she was eager to see Portugal, Brigitte didn’t quite have the soul of a globetrotter. When she retires, she plans to settle in St-Pierre-la-Mer. “It’s not far, but it’s so exotic. When I leave before the weekend, as soon as I see the sea, I forget the files and the administrative procedures and I feel like I’ve left for a long time”.

Bonne alive, Brigitte likes to create good meals and pastries for her family and friends. When the question arose for a recipe, her daughter Cécile and a friend suggested the same without hesitation, probably thinking that Brigitte might treat them to it one more time… Here’s the recipe the “salmon pie à la Brigitte ” , to taste with, for example, a Côte de Malepère!


Ingredients: 2 puff pastry, 2 cans drained salmon, 4 eggs, 4 rusks, 3 shallots, 1 sprig of parsley Salt and pepper.Preparation : Roll out 1 puff pastry in a cake tin. Place the salmon flesh in a mixing bowl (remove the bones), add the beaten eggs, crushed rusk, chopped shallots, parsley, salt and pepper. Mix well and garnish the cake. Cover this preparation with the second puff pastry, seal and wet the edges. Make a hole in the center, square with the tip of a knife and brown with an egg yolk. Bake in a hot oven for about 30 minutes at 200°. You can prepare your pie ahead of time and reheat it when ready to serve.Sauce (to put on or next to your piece of cake):2 dl fresh cream (liquid or semi-thick), lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix the fresh cream and lemon juice, salt and pepper in a bowl. You can also accompany the cake with a salad.

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