Parisian 2-star chef David Toutain takes part in the La Ferté-Macé Spring Festival

David Toutain, originally from Flérien, made his career in Paris. © Thai Toutain

It is a renowned Parisian chef who will be present on May 21 at the Ferte Mace.

On its website, the Michelin guide is full of praise for the restaurant David Alan, to which he got a 1 . grantedd star in 2015 and a 2and in 2019. “David Toutain has transformed a discreet street in the government district into a crossroads of trends. In a modern, loft-like setting, it offers a striking cartography of contemporary tastes through an author’s kitchen with presumed ambitions: vegetal tendencies, lightness and refined graphics. We feel the chef full of passion and wisdom, now that he has reached this age where the inner balance allows him to take on and channel his creativity”.

And Gault & Millau, who awarded him 4 chef’s hats in 2017, confirms it: “The natural in Paris, so sought after by city dwellers, so appreciated by this discerning clientele, is offered by David Toutain in this sober and precise farandole with subtle evocations “.

The kitchen: a coincidence

However, cooking was not the first ambition of this native Norman, born in Flers on April 7, 1981.

“I’m actually from La Lande-Patry. When I was young, I wanted to be a farmer like my family. I had my paternal grandparents in Saires-la-Verrerie and my maternal grandparents in Vassy. I loved farming, I was close to nature.”

And it is after college that the opportunity will arise. “After my 3and I did it in Cherbourg, I wanted to follow a friend to the Maurice-Marland hotel school in Granville. I obtained my BEP in cooking in 1998 and continued my education with a Bac pro which I obtained at the Flora-Tristan vocational school in La Ferté-Macé”.

It was then that his vocation was to assert himself thanks to an internship with Chef Franck Quinton, from the Manoir du Lys in Bagnoles. He will also make his debut as a clerk and then chef de partie with Michel Bruneau at La Bourride in Caen, a two-star restaurant.

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Hungry for experiences

At the age of 20, David Toutain arrives in Paris and has a series of experiences with big names such as Alain Passard, Pierre Cagnaire, Bertrand Pacaud.

He then moved to Savoie to work under Marc Veyrat, where vegetables dominate the kitchen. Keen for new experiences, he left to work in Spain and then in New York.

I wanted to open up to other cultures, see what is being done elsewhere

David Alan

Back in Paris in 2010, when his son was born, he became a chef at Agapé substance. But at the end of 2012, the desire for discovery prompted the 1930s to take a family trip around the world and multiply culinary experiences for a year.

Enjoyable cooking

And on December 23, 2013, it was the inauguration: on the strength of this ultra-rich career, David Toutain opened an establishment in his name rue Surcouf, in the 7and arrondissement in Paris, with about twenty employees. “I design my kitchen according to the seasons, based on plants and freshness. We have suppliers almost everywhere in France and Normandy has its place, of course, with certain herbs, for example. We can serve Bayeux pork, Normandy beef”.

For the two-star chef, cooking is “an art” and above all “a sharing, a discovery, an osmosis. In the beginning we seek ourselves, and it is through discoveries that we manage to find ourselves. Our fuel: it is always a pleasure to please. It is also a team effort.” Although he is proud and happy with the stars and chef hats, which are so many recognitions, he does not associate his staff with them.


On May 21, David Toutain is back at La Ferté-Macé where he obtained his Bac pro twenty years ago. There he finds Franck Quinton and Michel Bruneau who have put his foot in the stirrup. “We have always kept in touch. I saw them again a few years ago at a gastronomic event in Flers”. He will be part of the jury for Franck Quinton’s battle against Gaétan Crespin, the chef of the restaurant Au bon accueil in Juvigny-sous-Andaine.

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