What are the best accessories for repainting a kitchen?

Some ideas to renew your kitchen

Do you want to transform your kitchen to make it more modern and elegant? Sometimes you just need to change two or three details and then add a few colors to give this room a whole new look. Here are some tips to give your kitchen a facelift without turning it into a major construction site.

  • Repaint the facade of your furniture and cabinets: Dress up your old cabinets and kitchen cabinets in white, gray, black or another bold color to give your kitchen some pizzazz.
  • Replace the handles and accessories of your kitchen furniture after they have changed color.
  • Add some utensils and accessories with modern and sophisticated patterns, as well as some plants on the shelves.
  • Paint old-fashioned tiles to make your kitchen more chic.
  • Change your worktop by painting, covering or replacing it with a more modern material in harmony with the rest of the decor.
  • Choose cool tones or pastels to brighten the kitchen.
  • Change the floor by covering it with imitation parquet, vinyl or even cement tiles. You can also repaint the tiles.
  • Improve your kitchen lighting.
  • Optimize storage by adding modern shelves and various storage boxes to save more space.

Here are some tools and materials that will help you redecorate and easily renovate your kitchen. These products are available on Amazon.

Our choice: paint for tiles and furniture

What about painting your kitchen tiles? There are indeed special paints to renew the tiles and kitchen worktops. Among the best we have the painting kitchen and bathroom tiles ARCANE INDUSTRIES† This is a colored resin and epoxy paint for interior decoration. The composition of two materials ensures a very elegant finish and a silk matt finish on the tiles. One of its advantages is that it can be applied directly to various substrates without an undercoat, especially floor or wall tiles, concrete, wooden or melamine furniture, etc. In addition, a simple coat of this paint can make the support watertight and watertight. This tile paint renews the kitchen without the need to apply a finishing varnish. It is very opaque and hides stains and imperfections on tiles and worktops thanks to the slightly mottled effect. In addition, the painted surface is heat-resistant and easy to maintain. Simply wipe with a cloth dipped in pH neutral detergent. One kilo of this paint is enough to paint up to 10 m² for 2 coats.

Waterproof stickers for walls and wooden furniture

To breathe new life into your old wooden furniture or to give your kitchen a modern touch, it is sometimes sufficient to cover the wall and the furniture with a waterproof sticker. More practical and resistant than wallpaper, the set of self-adhesive PVC stickers KINLO is one of our selection. These roll-on stickers are made of high quality PVC with a smooth consistency and increased strength. These stickers are perfectly waterproof and can cover old furniture, cupboards and kitchen shelves to give them a modern and authentic look. A sticker sheet is 60 cm wide and 500 cm long. A room can therefore cover up to 3m², but you can easily cut it to size. Other reasons why we chose this product: the ease of use thanks to the millimeter cut, the water and oil repellent character and the thickness. In addition, it is available in 25 different colors.

Satin Meringue Multimedia Paint

Whether you want to give your kitchen a new color, give your kitchen furniture a makeover, or even transform the floor or the tiles, the COLORISSIM multimedia paint from V33 will delight you. This interior paint includes a collection of 70 different shades. This satin paint is the product of an ultra-covering one-coat formula with 98% coverage. It can cover a wide range of supports: walls, floor, woodwork, melanin, radiators, etc. We were also convinced by its velvety texture that offers unparalleled comfort during application. This paint is washable and shows great durability over time. Economical, one liter of V33 is enough to paint up to 10 m² as a first coat. The plaster will feel dry quickly after application, but you should wait 30 minutes before applying a second coat. This paint takes about 4 hours to dry completely.

Brush set for painting walls and ceilings

To successfully paint your kitchen, you need to use the right accessories. Choose the Hynec Technologies Paint Brush Set and you avoid a lot of worries. This set of accessories for painting walls and ceilings is intended for interior finishing and decoration work. It ensures a smooth and uniform display on different types of carriers. The package contains:

  • 23 cm foam paint rollers;
  • A mini roller for corners and small spaces;
  • Detachable and interchangeable sleeves;
  • 4 cm and 8 cm brushes;
  • A paint bucket.

We chose this kit because it contains everything you need to paint your interior comfortably and efficiently, as well as being of impeccable quality.

Knife set for finishing after painting

To give your kitchen more character and beautifully decorate the finishes, you need different accessories. Be well rested and don’t miss a thing by choosing the set of 13 WOWOSS knives with lacquer finish† Each knife in this kit has a high quality stainless steel blade with anti-rust. The blade is also very flexible for ease of use. The wooden handle is pleasant to the touch, which increases the comfort of use. You will also find stainless steel curved bars in the set to firmly connect the blades to the handle. We have selected these knives and spatulas because they have great elasticity and good bending recovery. They can be used for spreading, grating, smoothing and sanding paint, modeling clay and texture gels, additives, plaster, etc.

“All products in this article have been selected by our editors. When you buy through our sales links, we may earn an affiliate commission. †

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