Transform your interior for spring and be inspired by these easy-to-make IKEA HACKs: give your favorite IKEA furniture a second life!

IKEA HACK: how to hijack a piece of furniture thanks to DIY?

The principle ofIKEA HACK is simple: just redirect, to customize an important item from the Swedish brand and make it more useful. A piece of furniture with a plinth becomes a shoe cabinet, while a very simple sofa becomes an elegant sofa the dining room † All you need is IKEA furniture and let your imagination run wild to find a second function for your furniture

IKEA HACK: how do you customize furniture and objects with DIY?

Of a single coat of paintIKEA parts Design and original furniture become standard. These DIY ideas can even give them a whole new shape or purpose. In fact, your IKEA HACK can transform a piece of furniture betteradapt to your interiorbut also reuse it, like transform a headboard in wall storage! Anyone can use this IKEA HACK : all you need are a few simple tools (screws, hammer, glue) to transform your furniture.

IKEA HACK: what objects to hijack to create storage space?

Did you know that the bed base SULTAN could become a wall shelf and the SOCKERÄRT vase was perfect for storing kitchenware? Add wheels to you kitchen door VEDDINGE and slide it under the bed to make a discrete storage † Find a lot of IKEA HACK and other easy DIY tips on the internet to distract your decorative objects and transform your interior.