A renovated 70 m² apartment in an unusual location in Paris!

Having a large apartment in Paris is often complicated. How about a cosy, bright apartment in a special location? This 70 m2 apartment in the attic of a Parisian building has been completely redesigned!

An apartment in a bohemian atmosphere

A 70 m² apartment has been completely redesigned by an interior designer with promising talent. Located in the attic of a Parisian building, the space is completely open. A renovation enchanted by a relaxed decor.

The interior designer Isabelle Masson worked at an architectural firm in New York and Paris, then within the artistic direction of the Chanel House eight years, before founding his Paris office in 2013.

The living room contains a gallery corner where the paintings found by the owner near the Puces are placed on the floor. On the sofa, a Caravane blue plaid contrasts nicely with the yellow of the vintage table, also mottled. The custom canopy is painted Farrow & Ball’s Drawing Room Blue.

The living room offers its through-light enhanced by Farrow & Ball’s “All White” paint. From the front door to the kitchen, the slope of the roof was used for custom storage. The aged oak parquet comes from the Autre les Sols showroom. Muuto pendant lamp at The Conran Shop; Caravan sofa “Pacha”.


Unusual discovery of the apartment

Upon entering the building, climb the stairs to:a tiled staircase from the 17th century, polished by the years and flickering, sets the mood! On the top floor, encased under the roof, the apartment had great potential. “When bought, the place was already renovated but didn’t reflect the idea of ​​a comfortable, bright and spacious house† I have redesigned the place in a refreshing way, while meeting the requirements of the owners.” The works have been linked together for four months. “The interior desperately needed natural light.” The architect therefore created an all white space and repainted the exposed beams accordingly. The floor, previously covered with waxed concrete, has been replaced by thick old oak slats that warm up the atmosphere.

Isabelle knocked you down toono separation between the living room and the dining room to facilitate traffic. Attractive both through the use of the surfaces, but also thanks to a decoration never taking itself seriously, the place has been revisited in a very modern way. The updated structure is softened by its “upcycled” furniture. The owner is a regular at the Paris flea markets and the bohemian chic gives an undeniable extra soul to the accommodation. Paintings and drawings bring the rooms to life great amplification of color accents, refused on the carpet and many accessories. The rattan chairs add a natural note and subtly convey the charm of a rural spirit. A comfort with vintage looks under a resolutely contemporary attic!

How do you create a relaxed atmosphere?

The Ikea stainless steel kitchen, renovated with a resin worktop and a custom 7 cm thick shelf for recessed spotlights. Although closed, the room remains light thanks to the bay window leading to the terrace. Farrow & Ball “Lamp Room No. 88” Mural


Visible from the entrancethe large table is shrouded in natural light golden at the slightest ray of sunshine.

canopy apartment

The roof customization optically enlarges the space and respects the customer’s preference for a thin profile that can still bear the weight of safety glass. It also brings more light and character to the room. Merci ceiling light bulb; camp bed and stool of spotted tires.


Arranged facing the bed, bedroom office space benefits from the abundant light from the glass roof. The space accommodates two desks, for adults and children, both antiques and the chairs. To highlight this instructive area, the wall on this side has been painted in a soothing colour, Farrow & Ball’s ‘London Stone’.



In the bathroom, Isabelle has installed a Duravit bath just next to the window to enjoy the terrace and the Provencal scents. For more freshness, the architect opted for a beige paint “Hardwick White N°5” from Farrow & Ball.


Full frame WE ENTER THE GALLERY SPIRIT BY MIXING STYLES AND OUR WALLS TO PERSONALITY. BY BÉNÉDICTE LE GUÉRINEL Horizontal or vertical. Canvas printed in polyester and polystyrene, 90x60cm, “Beach”, €29.99, Atmosphera. Numbered. Art edition of a work by Noémie Cédille, digitally stamped on art paper, 21 x30cm, 80€, Studio Miracolo. surreal. Portrait of a woman by Sella Molenaar on cotton and wooden support, 100x70cm, €39,95, HKliving. Premium. Poster printed on 180g Chromolux paper, design Ronan Bouroullec, 86.5 x67.5cm, €60, The Wrong Shop at Madeindesign. com.Definition. Poster under glass with wooden frame, 40x30cm, “Nature”, €17.95, 4 Walls. Original. Acrylic ink with brush on paper by Nathalie Rémond-Callabat, 40 x50cm, “Soleil du soir”, € 180, Galerie Marguerite.

This apartment is extraordinary. The location and the interior make it a restful, cozy and pleasant place to live.

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