discreet oasis of greenery and good food in the heart of Strasbourg

A few days ago, to whet your appetite, we introduced you to the hotel restaurant Le Chut through a recipe from a summer chef. Today we would like to show you the establishment as a whole, from the terrace to the rooms, with all the novelties and peculiarities that make this place one of the most beautiful gold nuggets in the city. Change of ownership, new chef, fresh air inside and out, improvement of the hotel area: there has been a change. Today, the Chut has kept its original DNA, all its charm and this special cachet to conquer the inhabitants of Strasbourg in a completely new way. Small tour by the owner.

We are in the heart of the most beautiful district of the city, the Petite France of course. It is here and more precisely in the rue du Bain-aux-Plantes that we find Le Chut and his new team. Acquired in July 2021 by two Strasbourg residents, Philippe Munck and Michael Roumetfor a long time he remained almost too discreet, almost confidential.

Today, however, the new team is opening the doors wide, bringing in the sun and bringing a breath of fresh air by turning this place into a more popular, more accessible restaurant, and we haven’t been disappointed. While retaining the charm of yesteryear and its unique own style (without touching historical buildings), the team wanted to make big changes and a whole new vision on all floors

A new chef, a new team and a whole new idea of ​​catering

Le Chut is both a restaurant and guest rooms. It is unique in Strasbourg in its style and is undoubtedly one of the most charming traditional style hotel restaurants in the city. In the kitchen is a young chef of 30 years, Cyril Ponton, a well-known face in the hospitality industry in Strasbourg. His own style is the local cuisine, freshly made from market products, a kitchen full of colors, brimming with original flavors.

In every plate, Cyril attaches particular importance to the visual and whatever the dish is brought, there will always be a new taste to excite the taste buds. Even if the dish that is offered to you is a seemingly simple staple, braised meat or fish, there is always a touch of surprise and that makes all the difference. Between world cuisine and traditional cuisine (French and Alsatian), the chef has a great time offering great classics, often revised, but also small nuggets that we are not used to seeing as corn cream or a sauerkraut chutney (among others ). His sauces, very spicy and always good, make us think we are dealing with a real chef.

A cocoon of peace and greenery in the heart of the city

By settling in Chut, we change universes: we are still in Strasbourg, but the charm of the place takes us elsewhere. This historic half-timbered house, this terrace overlooking the water, these tall trees and large parasols, we are in an exceptional place with a charm that does not come from a decoration catalog. The old stones, the creepers, this wood you can almost hear the creak, these beautiful white tablecloths, the whole setting is quite enchanting, it almost seems like the place has a soul.

But Le Chut isn’t just a terrace, it’s also a lovely patio and two interior rooms, on the ground floor and the first floor, where you can eat when the weather is bad. There can be a minimum of 80 place settings in total and everything is more or less removable, perfect for small discreet dinners or receptions with several people. The residents of Strasbourg know very little about this facet of the Chut, but trust me, it’s worth a look, you just have to dare to pass the landing and enter this building as charming as it is steeped in history. †

A restaurant, yes, but also a hotel!

You have understood that Le Chut is also a hotel and as you can imagine it is unlike any other. In total, guests can find 7 bedrooms, each with their own cachet, their own personality and that also requires a detour. Old house obligatory, the wood, the attics, the small windows of the Petite France… More typical and this in every corner† Between elegance, comfort, tranquility and authenticity, you really want to settle into your rooms to get a little drunk before returning to normal life.

Le Chut is therefore delicacy, charm, aesthetics and a real signature. In fact, we come here to have fun with the people we love and we always leave with a little taste to get back to it on our lips. And for that, Pierette, Flora, Cyril, Céline, Jessica, Philippe and Michael stand guard.

Small and large +

  • At lunch, the menu of the week is unbeatable value for money (starter + main course + dessert at 21 euros)
  • The menu changes about every two weeks
  • We are not in a tourist trap like we can sometimes find in Petite France
  • The service is at the top
  • We have a real wine list
  • The terrace and the patio, that’s all you need to say, you have to come and settle there

Hotel Restaurant Le Chutu

4 Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes
67000 Strasbourg
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*Article supported but not proofread by Le Chut.

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