Primark, Nightmare in the kitchen, traveling optician… There’s a lot going on in the shops of Finistère

Fourth issue of our monthly newsletter dedicated to the Finistère trade. This is a topic that worries many businesses as summer approaches, especially restaurants. How to recruit when the sector is struggling with a staff shortage? On the Crozon peninsula, we organize ourselves to accommodate seasonal workers or lower the cover. But other restaurants are innovating, such as Vioben, in Aber-Wrac’h, which has gone so far as to offer newcomers a €100 per month voucher for a year.

Despite the difficulties, businesses in Finistère are resilient. This is also apparent from the beautiful history of restaurant Guillec in Plouzévédé. As her customers ran away after the Covid-19, the boss had called on chef Philippe Etchebest, who had come as part of his show Nightmare in the kitchen. She is now a victim of her own success: “The day after the broadcast I had 90 calls and 800 messages on Facebook! † she says.

Another problem, another solution: in many rural towns you often have to travel miles to buy glasses… In the north of Finistère, an itinerant optician now travels to the homes of his customers. Benjamin Ghez even goes to Ehpad on request.

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In Plouzévédé, “Nightmare in the kitchen” saves their restaurant

Patrice Cabioch, cook and Marie-Laure Guillou, manager of the Guillec restaurant in Plouzévédé. They took part in the filming of “Cauchemar en cuisine”, a program that “saved our establishment”. † WEST FRANCE

Marie-Laure Guillou took over the Guillec restaurant in Plouzévédé in 2020. She called on chef Philippe Etchebest and his flagship M6 program. Their problem: Customers stopped filling their establishment. Two months after the broadcast of their passage, the reservations are pouring in.

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Primark is recruiting en masse for the opening in Brest

The Primark brand opens in Brest. † DR

More than 200 people will be hired to run the first Primark clothing store in Brittany, in Brest. A recruitment session is planned from 10 to 25 May 2022.

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In Aber-Wrac’h, this restaurant recruits with gift cards

The Vioben, restaurant in Landeda. † WEST FRANCE

Anyone who has facilitated the recruitment of an employee with a permanent contract in restaurant Landéda will be rewarded with a voucher of € 100 per month for one year. It is accompanied by other attractive measures to give employees the desire to stay.

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Seasonal produce is a rare commodity on the Crozon Peninsula

Morgat, on the Crozon Peninsula. † WEST FRANCE

Several businesses on the Crozon Peninsula are having trouble recruiting and housing seasonal workers. They have to adapt by closing for a day or shrinking the covers. Others are not short of ideas and invite them to change their view of the profession.

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In the north of Finistère, glasses come to customers

Benjamin Ghez, optician in Nord-Finistère. † WEST FRANCE

Benjamin Ghez has just joined the network “The optician who moves”. He travels to the homes of his clients, in an area ranging from Landerneau to Carantec, via Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Landivisiau, Lesneven or even Plouescat (Finistère).

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In Carhaix the last pressing will lower the curtain

Sylvie Sinou, who runs the last laundry in Carhaix, is about to retire. † WEST FRANCE

Sylvie Sinou, established since 2000 near the Intermarché store in Carhaix, will retire and close the Pressing du Poher on May 31, 2022 where she has won the loyalty of a large clientele, who sometimes come from far. She is the only trader to offer this service in Center Finistère.
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In Brest, the Kérinou district is looking for a new life

For seventeen years, Jean-Sébastien Hay has been in charge of the Diwali creperie, rue Auguste-Kervern in Brest. † WEST FRANCE

Commercial vacancy, unsanitary buildings, damaged pavement… While the works on the rue Auguste-Kervern begin, the dynamism of the arrival of the high service bus in the Kérinou district in Brest is lacking. The companies hope for a revival.

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Baskets of fresh fish delivered to home

For more than ten years, the company Terre de Pêche, from Loctudy, has been offering baskets of fresh fish to collect in southern Finistère. A way to consume Breton fish products on a short circuit, without having to travel (much).

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The K-way is on the rise!

Valérie Sarrut is the manager of the K-Way boutique, rue Saint-François, in Quimper (Finistère). A store that will open its doors next Friday, May 20, 2022. † WEST FRANCE

The famous K-Way is no longer just a windbreaker. It is now available in sweatshirts, caps, shoes. A special store will open this Friday, May 20, 2022 in Quimper (Finistère). Back to a fad.

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Macaroons without dyes

The shells of L’Archipel macaroons, in Lannilis, are not artificially coloured. Only the ganaches inside make it possible to distinguish them according to their taste. † DR

The L’Archipel chocolate factory, in Lannilis, offers macaroons as you rarely see them: without dyes. Their shell retains their natural color to be consistent with the additive-free approach of the baker Michel Izard associated with it.

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Primark, Nightmare in the kitchen, traveling optician… There’s a lot going on in the shops of Finistère

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