Tips for designing an outdoor kitchen

Set up a functional outdoor kitchen with barbecue

The development of an outdoor kitchen is an alternative to limit the comings and goings between the indoor kitchen and the terrace or garden. Once the location is chosen, consider the tools and equipment that will make up your cooking space. Almost all cooking appliances bend towards an outdoor kitchen. You can orient your choice on a kamado, an electric or gas grill and/or a pizza oven. But also placing a barbecue is an interesting alternative. You have plenty of choice between a gas, coal or electric model, it all depends on you linkyour needsyour preferences and your budget† At BricoPrivé you will find a barbecue that will complete your outdoor kitchen. In addition to cooking equipment, this platform offers accessories such as grills, perfect to optimize their use.

Install a resistant worktop for an outdoor kitchen

The worktop is one of the most important elements of a practical and functional summer kitchen. In addition to the furnishing, this space must have a comfort in use optimal, especially in terms of lighting and dimensions. Since the kitchen is constantly exposed to different climatic conditions, the worktop must be wear† It must also be hygienic† So it is advisable to make it in concrete, granite, tile, stone or marble. However, if it is a sheltered outdoor kitchen, the wood worktop can be used, provided you choose a variety suitable for outdoor exposure. It can be exotic woods, oak, bamboo, ash or beech. Depending on the space available in your exterior, consider integrating the worktop into the central or semi-central island.

Set up a sink for your outdoor kitchen

Like the worktop, the sink is also a device that is subject to the vagaries of the weather and exposed to long periods of time outdoors. Therefore, when designing your outdoor space, consider a sink that is as stylish as it is robust. The chosen material must be resistant to frost, weather influences and temperature changes. As a result, stainless steelceramics, resin and the Pierre are recommended. Stainless steel, in turn, is easy to live with, while stone is valued for its aesthetic appearance. The ceramic sink, on the other hand, has a high resistance to time and wear, despite its susceptibility to splinters. If design is one of the criteria that your outdoor sink must meet, then focus your choice on a synthetic resin model. Polished concrete can also be a suitable solution for an outdoor kitchen sink. This material will give modernity to your layout, but it will be quite heavy.

When installing your outdoor kitchen sink, you should consider the faucet elements such as the faucet and supply hoses. You should also pay particular attention to the connection of water inlets and with waste water connection

Install storage for an outdoor kitchen

To make it easier to use your outdoor kitchen, placing cabinets and/or storage drawers is essential. the number and the depth storage space for your layout mainly depends on the kitchen utensils you want to store. When large appliances require deep furniture, small accessories such as cutlery find their place in the drawers. If your kitchen is equipped with a central island, optimize the space below to integrate cabinets that serve as both practical storage and decoration. The corners can hide sliding vertical drawers. For the choice of materials you have to combine resistance with design.


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