Would you like to install your dream kitchen yourself? It is possible and inexpensive thanks to our tutorial!

On the one hand, the kitchen designers and their formidable 3D tools. On the other hand, your kitchen to breathe new life into. Between the two, your wishes, your budget, your options. Here are some recipe ideas to make your project a success.

Installing your kitchen yourself: the most important steps

Successive incarcerations have enabled many to rediscover their interior. And sometimes to see the extent of the damage: poorly organized spacesoutdated furniture, comfort needs to be revised … And cuisine from another era† Before jumping into specialized sites, you might as well tie up your project. It’s not very complicated, even fun if you like colors, drawers and water inlets. You still need to follow a few important steps. First of all, you will have to dive into the numbers. In this case the dimensions, to know exactly how big your kitchen is: height and width of walls, openings, size of technical equipment (heating, boilers, sockets, water inlets). And protect yourself against unpleasant surprises (especially irregularities in the walls). Valuable data that you carefully write down on a sheet of graph paper.

Goal: visualize your kitchen, its minor flaws, its strengths…

It is true that some very attentive kitchen designers make the same available to you, but online and with a lot of 3D simulation. Let your imagination run wild with Schmidt’s Creativ’B, Cuisinella’s 3D configurator, Ikea’s 3D design tool, SoCoo’c’s Kitcheners, Ixina’s 3D software (available on PC only), Ixina’s Mobalpa or Lapeyre.

New kitchen: think about space optimization

Because, if we are to believe the kitchen designers, they offer much more than a room equipped to boil an egg and wash your bowl. The kitchen should be seen as a place of life arranged according to his wishes† Clearly a space in his image. We still need to know who we are. But here too, kitchen designers have the answer. Do you like to cook as a couple, with family or friends? L-shaped or island configuration. Do you cook like a pro in a large kitchen? U-shaped configuration Do you like to entertain? you also need an island and an American kitchen† Not to mention the I-shaped kitchen set up along a single wall, in which the different areas (cooking, prep and storage) are all aligned.

Finally, for small spaces, nothing beats the parallel, double linear or “hallway” kitchen. Whatever your preferred configuration, the goal remains the same: to optimize the space. With the plans you can not lose a crumb by mastering the corners in particular. So here you are with a cohesive project: everything has to fit, in the right place and the plumbing network is functional.

All you need to do is define the style of your kitchen† Again, you are spoiled for choice. As there are modern kitchens, with clean lines filled with hi-tech appliances, more traditional models, with large sideboards and wide worktops and, finally, the “authentic” ones doped with Noble materials, you still have the option of furiously flipping through the manufacturers’ pages. Especially since you have to stick to the budget you have set up, so respect the list of your expenses. And if you have chosen to do everything yourself, then of course you have listed everything you need to buy…
If you want to simplify your life, there are also kit kitchens to install yourself. However, the sanitary area may discourage some
some. Just like electricity. On the furniture side, it often remains classic in a puzzle or Swedish assembly style. In general, the safest and most practical solution is to leave it to the professionals to whom you have of course requested a quote.
Mistermenuiserie.com/pre-assembled kitchen.html

Renovating your kitchen yourself: what does it cost?

When you just want freshen up your kitchenplanning between €125 and €250 per square meter† For a refurbishment with paintings, household appliances, floor and walls, furniture, count between 350 € and 550 € per square meter. If you change everything from the floor to the ceiling, with an upgrade to plumbing and electrical standards, the installation of appliances, the replacement of all furniture, the floor, budget between €600 and €1,500 per square meter† Count on average between €5,000 and €10,000 for a fully equipped kitchen from a renowned kitchen designer.

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