Integrate your kitchen with the rest of your interior

Very often they open to the living room or dining room, today’s kitchens are becoming more and more spacious and transformed into beautiful living rooms† If you’re rethinking the layout and layout of your living space, including the kitchen in the equation is the best idea to provide your interior with a harmonious identity† An elegant, trendy and practical kitchen, which fits in with the rest of the house and integrates seamlessly with other spaces, provides a more than pleasant feeling of space and openness. Here are a few tricks to maintain a visual coherence between your different rooms and thus take the kitchen out of its purely utilitarian role.

Tip 1: play on continuity and visual winks

At Kitchens Krëfel you will not only find the kitchen furniture and the Appliances you need, but also: furniture and interior items that is completely tailored to your new kitchen. The trick? Choose identical colours, materials and finishes in the rooms to create a visual continuity† This can vary from a floor that spreads through the room to more subtle details. Imagine: your kitchen cabinets in the same wood as your TV cabinet; chrome accents (handles, kitchen utensils) that repeat themselves to the legs of your dining table. In short, let your imagination run wild and consider the different rooms as a whole where the eye likes to play ping pong between the decorative elements.

Tip 2: an island to demarcate without closing

In addition to its aesthetic side and the purity of its form,central island is very useful. Without appearing, it limits the space and serves as a nerve center. It is around him that we cook, we discuss, we eat. Unity factor par excellence, it will build a bridge between your living/dining room and your kitchen. Accessible from all sides, it offers additional storage space, the option to install a bar on the dining room side or even integrate shelves to place decorative items visible from the living room.

Tip 3: minimalist kitchen, yes, but on the surface

If you want a kitchen that fits in with the rest of your interior, you have to give equal importance to its both practical and aesthetic. Anything that “breaks” the visual continuity or the beauty of the finishes/materials (appliances on the worktop, utensils lying around, etc.) should disappear from view. Embed what’s embedded (dishwasher, refrigerator, oven) and think of the hinged valve boxes that make it possible to cleverly store and remove the coffee machine or food processor when necessary. In addition, there are fewer objects to upholster!

Tip 4: use the laundry room as a pantry

Your laundry room deserves better than baskets of dirty laundry and wet shoes. Cleverly laid out with tall units, drawers and even a worktop if it has a washbasin, this room can be a preparation area and from extra storage space† It can also serve asconcrete extension if it is close to the kitchen. Why not drill a hole in the wall, throughput style, or even knock it down if it’s not a load bearing wall? Guaranteed sense of space. The trick? Apply the same style and materials as in the kitchen so that the passage to the laundry room is smooth.

Krefel kitchens

Need professional advice for your kitchen? You have come to the right place at Krëfel Kitchens! Of 34 showrooms spread all over Belgium you will always find a showroom near you. Your personal Krëfel kitchen advisor will be happy to help you find the kitchen that suits you. fits your needs perfectly† In addition to a wide choice of materials, finishes and equipment, you benefit from Krefël’s expertise in household appliances. Discover them action of the month † make an appointment here to discover all the details in a showroom.

This article was produced in close collaboration with Krefel kitchens

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