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It has now been over a month since the communication around Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has gained momentum, with lots of information, videos and images regularly shared by nintendo and Monolith Soft† They cover many elements of the game, especially over the past few days, the various gameplay mechanics, after a big focus on the story and characters, which we let ourselves dissect to make our own analyses. In this new article, we’ve collected all the information, videos and images that were revealed between May 23rd and May 27th. If you haven’t been following the news surrounding the game, first of all, we invite you to consult our full summaries at this address and here. Then there’s the news of each week. The latest news can be found at this address and here.

This week, Nintendo and Monolith Soft again posted every day via the account Twitter official series new information, videos and images on various topics. Returning Field Skills was already discussed last week, but everything else was new, namely an overview of the first mio doctora clip from a movie as well as information about the return of camps, special arts, combos and cooking (as in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country). Aside from the information usually shared, the community was somewhat shocked by the revelation of two illustrations representing two key figures of the game through a Japanese online store and the Chinese social network Weibo. Since we’re venturing into spoiler territory, we’ll be covering this disclosure with a caveat at the end of the article.

The kitchen and the camp system

By presenting the region of Maktha last week Nintendo and Monolith Soft talked about the ability to forage, rest and camp as we please. All this was already possible in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Land (cooking was already possible in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but the camp system arrived in Torna – The Golden Country). This week we received confirmation thata kitchen system and a camp system will be available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3† First of all, as for the possibility to cook, you will have to go to the campsalso called resting places as they will be visibly larger than in Torna – The Golden Country. in the camps, No Manana Capable of help us cook delicious dishes, provided you bring him the necessary ingredients

This kitchen system will be important because: cooked dishes give access to temporary bonuses, giving you extra experience points and more rewards at the end of battles, for example† Of course it depends on the dishes. However, it should be known that only a few camps or rest areas have cooking areas† Further, as you progress, Manana will get new ideas for dishes† To cook them all, you need to collect all kinds of ingredients, continue in the adventure and take the time to take breaks in the camps.

As for the camps or resting places, we can discover several in the world ofAionios and use them for trip fastlike any other landmarks† When exploring a new region, Nintendo and Monolith Soft recommend prioritizing finding camp so you can rest between each exploration and prepare for the battles ahead. As shown in the image below, icons will show what is possible in the camps. In the camp in the picture, characters can chat, train, cook and more. Three of the icons show features that have not yet been presented (the cooking pot that corresponds to the kitchen), so we think Nintendo and Monolith Soft won’t wait long to work them out in detail. Good point, on the world map these icons will also appear by selecting an already visited camp.

Mio’s special arts, combos and arts

Already present since the first Xenoblade Chronicles, the arts specials will return in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are more powerful than basic arts, but they don’t recharge automatically. In order to use the special arts, you must perform certain actions that correspond to the role of the character you control (hunter, protector or healer). To give an example, if the character you control is a fighter, attacking enemies from the flanks or from behind will quickly fill the meter corresponding to the special arts.

Swordsman class characters can use a special art called Exceeded buster that stuns enemies with a single powerful blow. If an enemy is stunned, attacks will deal much more damage than usual. For this you need to make sure that you always coordinate the attacks with the other members of the team who also have art that can stun the opponents.

As for the combos, another important aspect that we find in the other Xenoblade Chronicles, they will be very useful in defeating even enemies more powerful than the characters in the group. It will be necessary to work together with the other members of the team and thus connect the good arts that allow to perform combos. For example, after you have started unbalancing an enemy, to deal more damage to him, you will need to drop him using an art other than stunning him. Since the number of arts to be assigned to each character will be limited, for example, it will be necessary to give an art that can unbalance an enemy to a member of the team, an art that can drop an opponent on another, and so now.

To finish with the new information about the battle system, now go to Mio’s first art. Basically Mio has the role of protector (as indicated in our first articles, it will of course be possible to change the roles). One of her arts, Butterfly Edge, is a technique that allows the enemy to focus their attention on Mio. Since Mio has a high defense as a protector, this will prevent other characters from taking too much damage. In addition, with her quick moves, Mio can easily dodge enemy attacks. The other featured Mio art is Air Fang. It works best in conjunction with Butterfly Edge, as it significantly increases the heroine’s attack power when attacked.

Excerpt from a new movie

The clip from the new movie revealed this week features a scene where taion find isurd, which has changed a lot since the time they knew each other. Presented in more detail last week, Isurd is the army commander of the Lambda colony† Taion lived in this colony, like Isurd, and they once trusted each other. The cutscene is quite interesting as we can see Eunie, who is related to Taion through their transformation into Ouroboros, has access in his mind to buried memories of Taion. She can see what he’s thinking and thus his memories without him talking to her directly. The other members of the group also have this link (Noah with Mio and Lanz with Sena). The conversation in this scene does not bring much news, the relationship between Taion and Isurd is now particularly hostile and we can still see that Isurd has a red eye just like Ethel† Taion tells how Isurd is also against the Ouroboros, Noah’s group, and wants to take them out.

Guessing and Spoilers

As indicated at the beginning of the article, the revelation of two illustrations representing two key figures of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has somewhat shaken the community in recent days. Since we are going to cover information that could be considered major spoilers, we prefer to warn you first. Don’t read this if you plan on playing the previous games in the series and don’t want to know too much about the story.

A Japanese online store, edionhas put together a presentation of the game in which the complete illustrations of the queens of Keves and Agnus† We had already had confirmation that the queen is from Keves Melia antique, which appeared in the first Xenoblade Chronicles, thanks to the subtitles of the US version of the second trailer (later changed to simply indicate that it is the Queen who speaks). However, doubts remain as there is no detailed presentation of this queen and for now she has always appeared with her mask. As for the queen of Agnus, she looks a lot like nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the resemblance is even more striking with its full artwork. The accessories shown correspond to the shape Sheet of Nia, as well as her large ears, which were not seen before with the portrait already revealed. Despite the presence of the logos of the Chinese social network Weibo on the full illustrations in better quality, we were unable to locate the original source. However, they have been shared on various sites and social networks by various internet users, such as the NGA forum.

Queen of Keves
Queen of Keves

Queen of Agnus
Queen of Agnus

The table above does not bring anything new, as we had already dissected all the information about the relationships between the main characters in our big summary at this address. The same goes for the true identity of the queens of Keves and Agnus.

Reminder of the game’s release

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released on July 29 next one Switch worldwide, in physical and download. Furthermore, a Limited Collector’s Edition will also be offered. It will be available exclusively through the store My Nintendo store† Pre-orders have already started in Japan and the price of this edition is therefore 12,078 yen (about €87)† In France it is possible to register here with an email address to be notified when pre-orders open. This Collector’s Edition includes: cover illustrations by character designer Masatsugu Saito, 250 pages full colored hardcover illustration booklet and metal case

note thatby pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we will receive the physical version of the game on July 29 at the earliest unique† The other elements of the Collector’s Edition, namely: the SteelBook cover, artwork booklet and special box will be shipped separately at a later date, estimated to be Fall 2022. Nintendo clarifies that these items will ship for free

For those wondering what the dubbing is, the official Nintendo of Europe site does indicate voices are available in English and Japanese† The European version of the second trailer indicated that the game will be available with the English voices, without mentioning the Japanese voices, but the latter will also be included. Pre-orders for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have already started for the downloadable version on Nintendo eShop and website for the price of €59.99but at the moment there is no indication of a possible DLC.

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