The Cooking Academy, the apostle of our terroir

Its members promote the products of the Haut-Marnaise countries: at Pentecost, the Departmental Cooking Academy will occupy a central place in the gastronomic Langres. Determined to show that gastronomy is above all cooking.

“Cooking is cream, butter and wine (…) It will be eternal if it knows nothing to waste”. Chef Paul Bocuse’s formulas stick on time to the state of mind of the Departmental Cooking Academy. Appointment in gastronomic Langres next Whitsun weekend (Saturday 4 to Monday 6 June) where the artists of this Haute-Marne company will demonstrate to the public that “if the product is good, not much needs to be done, with simplicity , it pays necessarily”. Its president Olivier Billard is especially attached to this ingredient. The core idea is “with what is there, by show of hands, to do something”. And what exactly will be in the Jean Favre room are local products, do you want something here?† It is no question for the academics to “write a book from which no one can reproduce a single recipe”. No, they will cook for you, before giving you a taste, but also appreciate your own helping hand – impossible to deviate from your sensibility. Their jury decides between the participants of the competitions: after you have registered, you will come on Saturday with your quemeu pie; ou bien, sur place, avec le panier garni qu’on vous aura fourni, vous devrez, en 1 h 30, create un plat qui sublime l’alliance volaille et fromage de langres ou encore confectionner une omlette -sucrée, salée, à vous task

Holy kitchen for Pentecost

“We have enough products and talent in Haute-Marne to have our own cooking academy”. Olivier Billard lists the names of some of his artists, who intend to “defend a territory” and offer gastronomic assets that are a unifying heritage. The institution thus has Maxime Gratté (restaurant owner, Bourbonne-les-Bains), David Daguzan (restaurant owner, Langres), André Jacoulot (restaurant owner, Vaux-sous-Aubigny), Florence and Pierre Pelletier (winemakers, Coiffy-le – Haut), the chef Raphaël Deswasière, Olivier Billard of course (trainer at the CFA of Chaumont), the master Bernard Boudevin, the butler Martine Farina, the pastry chef Nicolas Thevenin (Chaumont), Monique and Jean-Jacques Daubenton (champagne winegrowers), Pascale Marchand (trainer at the CFA in Chaumont), Didier Didier Müchenhier (restaurateur in Saint-Dizier)… “and enthusiasts who all bring their stone to the building”. The president of the department Nicolas Lacroix is ​​​​honorary president. The health crisis linked to Covid had nipped the institution in Haut-Marnaise in the bud. Even though we supported each other in his shell, we closed ranks, underlines de Langrois David Daguzan – “someone who deserves it, a nice guy, a rare pearl” slips Olivier Billard behind his back. The moment of deconfinement has arrived, the academics celebrate it with you, apostles of good food and drink, this coming weekend, from Saturday 4 June to Monday 6 June (**).

Be careful if you want to participate in the poultry and langres competition, places are limited. Registration on 06 36 86 06 09.Saturday 4 June 10:00 am opening of the fair; 11 am inauguration with the brotherhoods and the godfather Takashi Kinoshita, parade of the Cie QuéFanfare! † 12:00 Inauguration of the Godfather by the Brotherhood Tastes Fromages, reception; 13.30 walk along the Cie QuéFanfare! † 3:00 PM Masterclass by star chef Takashi Kinoshita; 3.30 pm walking tour of the company Les Complét’Mandingue; 4:00 pm presentation of the Departmental Cookery Academy medal to Chef Takashi Kinoshita; 5.00 pm tasting of the best quemeu pie and prize giving; 7.30 pm concert by the group Les Pépé Ly; 22:00 closing of the fair; Sunday 5 June 10:00 am opening of the fair; 10.30 am and 11.30 am and 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm walk through the JazzOpen group; 11am and 3pm cooking demonstrations and tastings by the Académie de cuisine; 6:00 pm prize giving for the cooking competition; 6.30 pm concert by the group JazzOpen; 22:00 closing of the fair;

Monday 6 June

opening of the stock exchange; 11 a.m. reception by star chef Jérôme Feck and masterclass by him; 12 noon presentation of the Departmental Cooking Academy medal to chef Jérôme Feck; 2.30pm cooking demonstration and tastings by the Académie de cuisine; 3 p.m. competition for the best omelette; 4 pm Bien Aller lingon concert (hunting horns); 5.30 pm prize giving for the cooking competition; 18:00 closing of the fair.

Fabienne Aussere

Jérôme Feck, the apprentice from Langroi who became a star chef

“I discovered that Jérôme Feck lived in Châlons-en Champagne the year he won his Michelin star”. Jérôme was one of the more than a thousand students Olivier Billard trained at the CFA de Chaumont. “He wanted to be a professional firefighter…”. Except that the Langrois student persists in the path he is committed to and then takes advantage of Paul Henry’s pastry know-how. Hearing that “this good boy, respectfully” has entered the major leagues, Olivier Billard went to look for him at the Hôtel d’Angleterre. “Now I say chief to him.”

Children will have their space For parents to take advantage of the Langres gastronomic fair, they can bring their children. A special room is reserved for them, supervised by early childhood professionals. They will also benefit from activities around… gastronomy, of course.

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