These common mistakes we all make in the kitchen that can be dangerous to your health!

Following a healthy and balanced diet is essential to staying healthy. These are the mistakes you absolutely must “avoid” in the kitchen!

Sometimes a simple mistake in the way we handle and prepare food can lead to serious illness. With some germs such as salmonella, even a small amount in our diet is enough to cause food poisoning

While just a small taste of a food containing botulinum toxin can lead to paralysis or even death. We reveal absolutely all the details in the following paragraphs.

Food: good hygiene to adopt

Keep in mind that washing meats can spread germs to the sink. Or on counters and other surfaces in your kitchen. These harmful particles can then end up on other food† Like salads or fruit, and you’ll eventually get sick of it. To ensure proper nutrition, all you need to do is cook them well before eating them.

Eating raw batter or cookie dough is not recommended at all! The same goes for dishes with raw eggs or uncooked flour. Such as homemade mayonnaise, Hollandaise sauce and eggnog. A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables should always keep cooking

Food should always be covered because if left out in the open, all kinds of particles can settle on it. Wondering how your sister’s hair ended up in your stuffed soup? Now you know it! Also keep in mind that it is not very advisable to put hot food in your fridge. This only exposes the bacteria on the ingredient.

The risk of food poisoning increases when raw meat is mixed with ready-to-eat foods. This is a well-known fact in the hospitality industry. But many of us are often unaware of this danger. Keeping food separate is even essential for hygiene! You now know some tips to adopt in terms of food!

These details to consider:

A trick you should know too! When preparing a large barbecue, your biggest concern may be that the sausages don’t burn. Or, to make sure the burgers are well cooked! Therefore, prefer to use various kitchen utensils instead of just one pair of tongs for all the food.

This mistake is a common practice in home kitchens. Even in homes where pets are kept away from countertops! They continue to spread all kinds of pathogens. They should ideally be kept away of your dining room. Yes, everything that has to do with food should always be impeccable!

Regardless of your personal hygiene efforts, if your work clothes are dirty, it means: a great danger for health. Similarly, harmful bacteria can spread from trash cans. You could introduce these in your kitchen. Indeed, when we talk about food, we have to take all the details into account.

In addition, it is advisable to remove the packaging from the products before you put them in the refrigerator. These are indeed real germ nests† However, if it’s on the food label, you can keep them. In short, this helps reduce the risk of food poisoning! And we all know these aren’t food benefits!

Food: Always ensure cleanliness!

In addition to a clean kitchen, you need to make sure that you wash your hands regularly. You should also have antibacterial soap and warm water on hand. If you do not have access to these facilities, please find a suitable alternative. Also remember to close this room once you leave it. That is how important it is for a healthy diet!

Eating raw meat can lead to many serious and life-threatening illnesses. You must ensure that all food you serve have been cooked to a suitable temperature† Sometimes it is possible for the center of a piece of meat to be raw despite having a well browned outer layer. And so to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you know what to do!

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