Gastronomic coup at the Lyce Francois Camel

On Wednesday 20 April, at the Lyce des Mtiers Franois Camel in Saint-Girons, the 18 students of the 1st professional baccalaureate class in hotel, catering, kitchen and service lit up the room of the Restaurant d’Application for the 20 privileged guests of this first stage of the realization of their masterpiece.

The idea comes fromAudrey Maizier, service teacher. With his colleagues Salem Tlemsanic (French teacher), Sylvie Tarquinic (Professor of Applied Arts) and Stphane Saint-Genes (Cooking Instructor), she wanted to invent a “Paul Pairet” service, a chef internationally renowned for bringing culinary and spectacular Shangha experiences to life.

Back to the implementation of this idea:

In 2019 Audrey met Paul Balagu (director and director of the Compagnie En Eaux Troubles), Camille Durand Tovar (actress and author) and Ludovic Heimes (lighting designer and director) who set up an initiative for theater workshops and the creation of shows with the students of Couserans, after funding from the community of communes and the cultural services of the department of Ariège.

They decide to work together on a first project with the second family class in hospitality professions. An “additional” service where the waiters dramatize their relationship with the guests through improvisations and games. Students are enthusiastic, gain confidence, enjoy integrating theatrical and professional skills of eloquence, attitude, and confidence.

This foray of theater into the world of restoration inspires the teachers and the three theater staff who therefore decide to continue with the same class for their Masterpiece of 1st and Terminale.

They envision a unique service, an immersive journey of the senses and flavors on the model of Paul Pairet.

An Occit’Avenir file is drawn up with precision, in terms of organisation, learning objectives and budget. Occit’avenir is a device of the Occitanie region dedicated to secondary schools, whose purpose is to encourage and support secondary schools in the development of multidisciplinary projects to enable every secondary school student to follow the principles of success, professional integration understand and apply citizenship. The daily challenges of each of these three poles, by getting involved in a coordinated educational approach created in their high school.

In November, the region awards funding after examining various files from the academy. And the Lyce Francois Camel, through the board of directors and Mr Germgives his precious trust.

This year the first stage was the presentation of a model to the families of the students. Through the story of a creation of the world, imagined by the students and the speakers, and told in turn through the microphone by the waiters, the guest spectators dive into an immersive meal that appeals to their five senses.

They sometimes travel in the air and water universe of the elements, sometimes in the soft atmosphere of a morning mist, in the depths of a walk in the woods, in the sudden dance of the waiters… Images are projected on the walls (turned by the kitchen students assisted by Julie Lorant), and a whole universe of sound catches the eye. Without forgetting the taste addressed by 10 dishes created by the students and their cooking teacher, served by the waiters during spectacular, funny and fascinating choreographies.

See you in the fall of 2022, for the second part of the experience, even more immersive, festive and valuable!

The booklet delivered in the evening with the menu below:

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