Lausanne refines housing policy for seniors

After Beaulieu a month ago, the 43 m2 collective set up a new wild emergency shelter on Monday in the gardens of the Lausanne University of Social Work (HETSL). The activists want to open it from Wednesday to people without a housing solution.

The temporary, self-managed emergency shelter is open again, 43m2 wrote in a statement on Monday. “Everything has been put back in place: sleeping tents, a space for families, a collective living room and kitchen, toilets, running water and an internet connection,” says the collective.

Around noon, some thirty activists took over the places in the heights of the city. “We have dealt with the same demands as in Beaulieu, namely no one on the street,” a spokesperson for the movement told Keystone-ATS. A large banner with this slogan hung on the building in whose gardens the activists settled.

Located on city-owned land, this large house houses research activities and the staff cafeteria, but no classrooms or auditoriums. These are located in more modern buildings next door.

Expected Support

Now it is time for a discussion with the school management, teachers and students. The HETSL was not aware that this action would take place, the spokesperson said.

The activists hope that cooperation can be established with the institution that has “social knowledge” and that it will be possible to “work together on solutions”.

In the press release, 43m2 states in particular that it has set its sights on HETSL because about twenty of its students co-signed a column on 17 May in Le Temps in which they say they “share the findings” of this collective. Researchers from this school, an institution funded primarily by the state, work specifically on the homeless.

The latter is welcome on the occupied site from Wednesday. Thirty beds are planned. Anyone who does not have a housing solution is welcome day and night, without registration or reservation, the activists note.

And to emphasize that it is unbearable that no additional emergency places are planned for the winter. In shelters in the Vaud capital, dozens of people are returned every evening, according to 43 m2.

Attempted Beaulieu

At the end of April, activists had already raised awareness of this problem by setting up a wild camp for the homeless in Beaulieu. It followed the closure of two emergency shelters with a total of 160 places.

The activists had to pack quickly under pressure from the police. After that, a conversation took place with the municipality of Emilie Moeschler, which is responsible for social cohesion, without result, according to the collective. “We planned to remain determined to propose a temporary solution to the thermometer policy imposed by the canton of Vaud and the city of Lausanne,” he recalls.

Lausanne police spokesman Jean-Philippe Pittet told Keystone-ATS that no police intervention is currently planned. “This is private property and the school does not expect any action from us at this time,” he explains. After going to the spot, the police therefore withdrew. “We make things happen between management and these people.”

Presence tolerated

Although “surprised” by this occupation, the HETSL director confirmed to Keystone-ATS that he had not requested police intervention or made a complaint. Alessandro Pelizzari says he understands the concerns of activists thoroughly. However, the school is not intended to be a welcome place, adds the former trade unionist. “I have asked the collective to leave the premises as soon as possible.” The situation will be reassessed “day by day”.

Access to the sanitary facilities in the building is currently authorised. Pragmatic solutions have also been found for the connection to water and electricity.

Will the institution, despite itself be a little involved in the 43 m2 battle, help to put pressure on the authorities? “We document the social problems that exist in this canton,” replies Alessandro Pelizzari. “We are a discussion partner for politicians who want to benefit from our expertise.”

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