Besame Mucho, declaration of love for Mexican cuisine

Rue Fritz Kiener, behind the municipal baths, in the heart of Krutenau. Nothing suggests the beaches of Cancún or the Mayan cities. Nothing. However, it is here that Besame Mucho settled after starting his adventure in takeaway and street food during the pandemic. After a successful episode, the small team opened their establishment in a lovely small 25-seat room with whitewashed walls, embellished with bright colors reminiscent of the land of the sombreros. I stop there for the postcards, because the real challenge of the visit (incognito, as usual) is to bathe my taste buds in a bath of allspice and guacamole. Definitely one of my favorite dishes. That is, if the bar is set high.

Original and tasty starters

I’ll hold off on the background music of the Latin version of Travel Travel (Desires for those who don’t have the ref, but honestly, who are you? Give yourself up!) And here come the appetizers: guacamole with fresh tortillas for my neighbor of the day, Aztec soup for me. It starts with a festival of flavors: the guacamole is extra fresh and delicious, and the surprise are these tortillas with a good taste of corn. The soup is also a nice discovery: it is a slightly spicy broth accompanied by a little shredded chicken, avocado, cheese and cream. Very original, with the right amount for a starter. The change of scenery begins.

The place is decorated in a simple and authentic way: the chairs covered with Mexican fabric, the wooden floor, a cactus, some folkloric decorations but not too much, and the blue mosaic bar … The journey is not only culinary.

In the flat I chose heavy: thewill tear, a typical dish from northern Mexico. It’s steak marinated in Mexican spices with a sweet corn on the cob, topped with mayonnaise and shredded cheese — Mexican style says the menu. The discovery is the cactus, which I eat for the first time. It is served sliced ​​and delivers a flavor close to very pronounced beans.

The discovery of mole sauce

For the effort in the battle and for the glory of this test, I also gobbled up a tacos de pastor (hello contrepèterie friend). It arrives filled with 24 hour marinated pork, pineapple, cilantro and onion. A pure delight, with this lemon quarter to squeeze it all in to give a twist to the flavour. One of the guests opted for the chicken enchiladas with the mole sauce, a “pre-Hispanic” sauce made up of more than 40 cocoa-based ingredients. We were offered in advance to taste the mole sauce to see if we liked the taste. A little attention which we appreciated.

The sweet note to end is a Pastel color of tres leches, a cake with three milks (for non-Spanish speakers like me) very soft and covered with strawberries. The size of the beast is impressive, but eventually it slides on its own, it’s that good.

The bill is slightly spicy: €7 for the Aztec soup, €5 for the taco, €25 for the snatch, €6.50 for the cake with three milks: that’s €43.5 for my apple. Well, I have to say I loaded the boat well. But the guacamole costs €6, the enchiladas €14, it’s still affordable. The restaurant also offers a daily menu at €16 (starter, main course, dessert). You can afford a full meal at a decent price. In short, a new fine address for lovers of authentic Mexican cuisine, far away from the fast food chains.

Besame Mucho, 10 rue Fritz Kiener, in Strasbourg. Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:30. More info here!

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