Ziryab’s Contribution to Cuisine in the Mediterranean and Al-Andalus

The Maghreb region and Morocco in particular is world famous for its gastronomy. Indeed, traditional cuisine is distinguished by its great refinement, harmonious blending of flavors that one would never have thought to combine, especially sweet and savory. This know-how has been developed thanks to a common heritage from the Mediterranean, especially after the arrival … Read more

Traditional cuisine well on your plate in Huê | Tourism

Huê (VNA) – The cuisine of Huê presents one of the precious legacies of the place and even of the country. The development of this sector partly determines the development of tourism in the former capital Huê (Centre). Tôn Nu Thi Hà, specialist in the royal cuisine of Huê in addition to his dishes. Photo: … Read more

Discover Ukrainian gastronomy

10 p.m., June 2, 2022 Cooking is sometimes political. And diplomacy, gastronomy. Even if the war leaves no room to express itself at the moment, Ukrainian cuisine can survive beyond the missiles. Today, his recipes are bursting with a beautiful book, the publication and translation of which were recorded before the onset of the conflict: … Read more

Barbecue: our recipes for vegetarian side dishes

Zucchini carpaccio, by Alessandra Ducret, editorial assistant For 4 persons Preparation: 15 minutes © ANNA BRATIYCHUUK/NSPLASH Ingredients: 5 courgettes Bouquet of aromatic herbs (thyme, mint, basil, parsley) Salty Pepper Lemon juice 1 clove of garlic Olive oil Preparation: Wash the courgettes and cut off the ends. Slice them very thin with a mandolin or a … Read more

Nine inspiring places for foodies

The hotels redouble their creativity to make mouths water: fermentation lab, distillery, vegan cuisine and plant-forward menus… They stop at nothing to enlighten gastronomy. 01 De Haan, Antiparos, Greece Celebrities like Tom Hanks and Madonna visit the laid-back island of Antiparos in the Lesser Cyclades. In the spring of 2021, The Rooster opened its doors … Read more

9 essentials to buy in June

IKEA kitchen news: 9 must-haves to buy in June Menu In process of validation… By Agatha Christopher Wednesday, June 1, 2022 Updated on: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 1†9 Storage combination Wall storage combination, anthracite/grey with frame, 40x17x150 c- ENHET: € 81. 2†9 furniture knobs Knob, anthracite, 26 mm- SKRUVSHULT: €5/2 pcs. 3†9 storage column Sliding … Read more

how the food check simmered in the government kitchen for two years

Handle “the first emergency of the French”promises the government to strike quickly and hard. “Purchasing Power Emergency Laws Will Be The First Texts Of This Quinquennium”, said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on May 27. The outline of these measures will be unveiled in the Council of Ministers within a week, for a full presentation on … Read more