Crypto Casino Club: How is the Metaverse Accelerating the Rise of Casino 3.0?

From GAFAM to the automotive sector, to mass distribution, including the world of luxury, art… the metaverse is the new playground for companies. Those that have immediately adopted the trend are companies revolving around video games, entertainment and sports, and it’s not for nothing that Web3.0 has been described as the future grail of gamers … Read more

Metaverse: Can there be a metaverse without cryptocurrencies? This is what the experts say

New Delhi: Metaverse is a buzzword among technocrats and crypto enthusiasts. Metaverses are connected virtual 3D worlds, where people can communicate virtually. However, this is not the full reality. The term encompasses a wide variety of virtual realities, from work tools to games and community platforms. Interestingly, the term “metaverse” was coined in 1992, when … Read more

the virtual one to help the car?

In November 2021, Alpine offered 5 NFTs representing 5 colors of an Alpine GT-style virtual model created by a young Russian. On February 9, 2022, Alfa Romeo offered to equip the new Tonale with an NFT to certify workshop monitoring. But what exactly is NFT? Blockchain: a first important point When two people sign a … Read more

Prepare for the Metaverse Ditching

In the metaverse, virtual real estate companies and major retailers are implanting digital real estate storefronts. Entrepreneurs build businesses and sell homes, clothes and experiences to avatars whose human counterparts explore the virtual world with VR glasses and make cryptocurrency payments. A California town dips its virtual toe into the metavers. Santa Monica offers users … Read more

Arianee and The Sandbox team up to realize “metaverse ready”

The Sandbox, the metaverse that empowers creators around the world to create immersive 3D worlds and gaming experiences, and Arianee, the leader in integrated web3 solutions for brands, today announced a groundbreaking collaboration. The two pioneers of web3 and NFT have teamed up to bring users the first truly hybrid brand experiences, linking the real … Read more