Traditional cuisine well on your plate in Huê | Tourism

Huê (VNA) – The cuisine of Huê presents one of the precious legacies of the place and even of the country. The development of this sector partly determines the development of tourism in the former capital Huê (Centre). Tôn Nu Thi Hà, specialist in the royal cuisine of Huê in addition to his dishes. Photo: … Read more

In search of a new capitalism in the rubble of globalization

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the international community has been mobilizing, especially during the G20 summits, to find solutions. Ludovic Marin / AFP global economy Atlantico Oren Cass, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, management consultant at Bain & Company, and editor of the Harvard Law Review, envisions a trip to the … Read more

Renewable energy: UN launches global development plan – Economy

Amid a global energy crisis and a mounting climate emergency, the UN took a major step on Wednesday to catalyze the large-scale action and support needed for the transition to clean and affordable energy for all and zero emissions, with the launch of an action plan by a thirty leading organizations including “UN-Energy”. Speaking of … Read more

More job creation in April in the United States

Joe Biden welcomes this move by business leaders, which is advancing the economic recovery after Covid. US companies continued to hire more staff in April, a trend welcomed by Joe Biden, who sees it as the result of his economic policies. Read alsoUnited States: Private sector job creation increase in September Despite higher costs due … Read more

a seal of confidence in the fight against hidden costs in the payslip

What are hidden costs? Which label to choose? The federation of wage porting users, Fedep’s, takes stock of the subject matter and the guarantees offered by the labels. What are the hidden costs of wage transfer? The association has brought to light the practices of over-billing of employer contributions by certain payroll transfer companies. The … Read more

Africa: the aftermath of the invasion: Africa’s economy is at stake

© – Thursday 05 May 2022 – 13:07 The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a widespread crisis around the world. If the number of refugees in Europe has exploded in two months, Africa, for its part, is heading straight for an exacerbated economic crisis. Inflation is already high, due to the breakdown of … Read more

In the campaign, Biden unleashes his blows against the ‘far’ right that has sided with Trump

The unifying speeches, the outstretched hand to the opposition, are a thing of the past: Joe Biden, who wants to salvage his precarious control of Congress in this fall’s election, is now striking out at the ‘extreme’ vested rights in the ideas of his predecessor Donald Trump. The journalists were called for a speech on … Read more

Chronicle Monday – A Goal for the Government of Achi 2: Theorizing the Productive, Social and Environmental Economy

In the book he is about to publish, “La Ivory Coast Facing Social Challenges and the Balance of Territories” (Collection L’Afrique en Marche), Professor Justin N’Goran Koffi refers us to the political philosophy of Father of the Nation , Félix Houphouët-Boigny, one of the greatest economic reformers, whose social policies have profoundly changed Ivorian society. … Read more

Heading for the worst price shock in 50 years: do governments or central banks have the resources to act?

In front of Frankfurt’s Euro Tower, home of the European Central Bank, is a giant Euro symbol. JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP Market concerns Faced with Covid, most developed countries have started at all costs. Is there a similar recipe (at least in terms of welfare protection effects) for a negative supply shock? Atlantico: The World … Read more

The digital economy, a new growth lever for Ho Chi Minh City | Economy

Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – Ho Chi Minh City needs to perfect the mechanisms and policies to promote the development of its digital economy, so that this sector will reach 15% of the regional gross domestic product this year. The Landmark 81 skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: VNAO The southern megacity has … Read more