“Political cuisine fuels democratic suicide already underway”

FIGAROVOX/STAND – The parliamentary candidacy of M’jib El Guerrab, who is accused of attacking socialist Boris Faure, is an example of the discrepancy between unfavorable political mores and rebellious public opinion, the journalist explains. Benjamin Sire is a composer and journalist. His latest album, Electronica Cinematic, was released on April 8. There is one, Emmanuel … Read more

“The “voting license” is contrary to the inalienable nature of the voting right”

FIGAROVOX/STAND – In a video unearthed on social networks, the journalist claimed to be in favor of introducing a “voting permit”. If this proposition is questionable, Aymeric Caron’s reflection articulates the eternal question of the link between knowledge and power, argues normalizer Nathan Devers. Nathan Devers is a normalien, agrégé in philosophy, author of smoking … Read more

“Defending a value means accepting that you pay the price”

The Cross the Weekly : Moral values ​​are at the heart of our societal debates. When we read you, however, we would (too) rarely talk about the price we have to pay to defend these ideals, right? David Thesmar : Indeed, defending a value means agreeing to pay the price. But that’s not how we … Read more

In the campaign, Biden unleashes his blows against the ‘far’ right that has sided with Trump

The unifying speeches, the outstretched hand to the opposition, are a thing of the past: Joe Biden, who wants to salvage his precarious control of Congress in this fall’s election, is now striking out at the ‘extreme’ vested rights in the ideas of his predecessor Donald Trump. The journalists were called for a speech on … Read more

“To impose itself, political ecology must assume its radicalism”

In the aftermath of the presidential elections, one thing is certain: political ecology has been unable to impose itself either in the debates or in the ballot box. The campaign’s phantom theme, mainly addressed through energy issues, failed to “new class aware and proud of itself”, which the philosopher Bruno Latour asks for. And yet, … Read more

when bus stations are taken over Economy and finance

Travelers with their suitcases and bags looking for their coach or in the waiting room, others looking for tickets, shops that are open permanently to sell mobile top-ups, bottled water and other food, or taxi drivers looking for potential customers at the exit of stations , that is the atmosphere that characterizes these structures and … Read more

“The emergency abroad is social and economic, but also security”

FIGAROVOX/STAND – The inconvenience in Overseas is social, economic, security and identity, especially because of the migratory pressure, explains former minister Hervé Mariton, who advocates structural reforms in these areas. Hervé Mariton is a former foreign minister and former deputy. He is now LR mayor of Crest and president of the Federation of Overseas Companies. … Read more

second hand is in vogue

– According to the barometer “Sustainability Trends 2022” recently published by the Kantar Institute of Studies, the desire to consume less and better is illustrated. Do you also notice, you who own a webshop that sells second-hand clothes? – I have also noticed that more and more people prefer noble materials, namely silk, cashmere, wool, … Read more